Amex Suites provides the best rates for office space in Salt Lake City metropolitan area.  Our basic price includes features that other companies charge for.


A central Salt Lake Valley location provides easy access to all parts of the Salt Lake Valley.  No other place is as accessible from as many different places.  Your clients will appreciate that.  An office in our building may cut your commute in half!

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We hire people you would!  All of our staff is willing to assist and help you achieve your goals.  If you had to hire someone, you would hire our staff!

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Affordable Office Space For Rent in Salt Lake City

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Affordable Office Space in Salt Lake CityWe know we’re not the only executive office suites in the Salt Lake area and we aren’t the largest. So what separates us from the other companies that have office space for rent in Salt Lake City? We’re a true, full-service Executive Office Suites and Virtual Office Service that is committed to the success of your business. And we have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to successfully run a business.

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Virtual Offices in Salt Lake City

Virtual Office Space in Salt Lake CityNot everyone needs an office.  If you don’t need an office but need to get out of the basement or need to show a professional front,  our administrative professionals can assist you setting up a Virtual Office.

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Our Office Spaces

Executive Office Suites In Salt Lake CityIn today’s evolving business world and economy very few things are stable. The last thing you should worry about as an expanding business or young entrepreneur is your office space. Amex Suites is the premier solution for most of todays office space dilemmas. If you are looking for office space in Salt Lake City, Utah, look no further than American Executive Office Suites.

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Meeting Rooms For Rent

Conference Rooms for rentAmex Suites offers quality, professional conference rooms.. Our meeting rooms in Salt Lake Valley are easily accessible and feature everything you need to host your meetings and/or training seminars. All our Salt Lake  conference room facilities are professionally decorated, comfortable, and functional. Available for rent on a daily or hourly basis, our Salt Lake meeting rooms are an exceptional value.

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Review of Affordable Office Space in Salt Lake CityAmex offers amicable and professional facilities at a fraction of the cost of our competitors .  Its hard to find reputable office space for rent in Salt Lake City.  At Amex we are committed to helping you succeed in your business ventures.  We take great pride in our services, and staff.  We hire and employ people you would hire.  Amex office space in Salt Lake  City offers big business support on a small time budget. Don’t take our word for it, listen to our tenants.

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How do I know if a Virtual Office is For Me?

How do I know if a Virtual Office is For Me?

Welcome back to another edition of this fine business blog!  The fact that you’re here, tells me you are a savvy minded individual looking to maximize profits and minimize expenses.  Before I get into the pro’s and con’s of having a virtual office, I want to first make sure we’re all on the same page by briefly explaining what a virtual office is.

A typical business owner is a lone wolf, spending the majority of his/her time plugged into a computer, attached to a phone, and completing paperwork.  All of these things can easily be done in a home office.  However, one of the most vital aspects of business is working with clients.  The best client relation techniques is done face to face.  This is where the home office has limitations as it’s not ideal to invite clients to your home.   read more…

Innovative Office Designs

Innovative Office Designs

I’ve been working in corporate America for sometime and I have seen a lot of changes in office design. Now, I don’t want to age myself here but I remember my old cubicle. I was on the 4th row over and the 7th one down, it was a tight fit. My desk made the cubicles in the movie office space look spacious. Imagine trying to work and a co-worker coming back from break pushing your chair forward in order to have enough room to squeeze down the aisle. read more…