Situations Every Work From Home Person Has Experienced

I’ve been working from home for about three years now. Most the time, it’s great,… but this story is about the not so great times.

Over the course of a few weeks something kind of weird started happening. My doorbell would ring and when I answered it,… there would be a person standing on my sidewalk, not next to the door as you would expect. When they saw me answer they would say “Oh, nevermind”. It never seemed to be the same person twice. In my overactive imagination it was totally a team of buglers stalking the neighborhood ringing doorbells just to see who was usually home during the day.

Do you work from home and have kids? If yes, then this may have happened to you. I have a dedicated phone for work ONLY. The kids know this phone is off limits but that rule didn’t stop my daughter from answering an important call from a client. “Hello, No, My Mommy is in the bathroom”.

Lunch time! Usually, I just go to the kitchen for food. However, today I really needed to get out of the house, I’m sure you can relate. I went to a nearby cafe, had a great lunch, took a small walk enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Walking in the front door the first thing I noticed was my house was humid! Turns out my washing machine’s pipe had burst and was spewing out about three gallons a minute of hot water all over my laundry room floor which was now spilling into my living room and soaking my carpet. Needless, to say it was a very unproductive day of work. Make sure to replace your washing machine’s pipes every few years, I’m lucky I was only gone for thirty minutes.

A perk of working from home is on occasion I will move my office outdoors to the patio. On one warm spring day I noticed my neighbor was doing a little gardening. Which would have been fine but he was only wearing a robe and he hadn’t fastened it…

The biggest horror of working from home is work is at home and unless you are super disciplined about stopping when you need to stop. Then work can easily consume your life. I remember a few times where I would begin working at 9 AM and wouldn’t finish until after 10 PM. I find the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to having a class or a meeting with a friend that gets you out of the house and away from work.

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